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Solve specific problems for money awards and reputation. Problems to business, common good and research and development challenges launched by worldwide private and public organizations. Boost your revenues, professional credibility and market profile. 

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We Are Solvers

No more than a few years ago, open innovation marketplace idea seemed a naive joke for most of the scholars, MBA and PhD folks. Few believed in the sustainability of an open world made of open science, open learning, open source, open access, open innovation, and so on.

What few years ago seemed an utopia, it very fast got closer and closer to become mainstream.

After the 2007/8 world economic and financial crisis, both small and big organizations faced the “low cost” challenge:

  • big businesses needed to innovate cheaper and better
  • small businesses needed to find new ways to survive

It was that particular moment in time when an ancient isolated model made its breakthrough and it took about a decade to become one of the most legitimate ways to solve your problems, build your products and services visual identity and market your business.

Once the Information Technology industry boomed everything changed with the speed of light challenging everybody, from individuals to governments and organizations to rethink their strategies, tactics and models. The world suddenly became liquid in a way.

Traditional jobs dissapear and new jobs appear. Due to open innovation market, underpaid or unemployed scientists, specialists and talents found a new way to be and to win their existence.

Open innovation is a tridirectional solution. It offers problem solvers an alternative way to live by winning money awards for their best solutions. It offers small businesses a surviving channel by its low cost access to knowledge, skills and solutions. It offers big organizations a profitable and legitimate way for their research and development departments.

The pioneer open innovation platform and all the main ones that counted came (guess where!) from U.S. Bingo! Americans always thrived at sourcing intelligence. Through the channel of open innovation they managed to source even the smallest ideas from individuals around the globe. Until Europe woke up from its well-known thick beaurocracy and slow-motion model, it was already 5 years since the Americans operated on this new open market.

For problem solvers, the great gift of open innovation is meritocracy. It is a paradise for self-learners. It is the place where they can be who they are and express freely their ideas, visions and creations, and get awarded for that in monetary and non-monetary ways.

For organizations, open innovation is a unique business opportunity as they can get much more for outrageously less comparing with the conventional consulting market which, by the way, also plays a part of its game in open innovation market.

Creativity was never in such big demand as it is today. These winning open innovation problem solvers believe that not so far in the future, due to artificial intelligence it will be mostly the creative jobs which will survive.

If you experience a dead end type of situation, you may find a way out through the open market. It worked for me and it practically changed my life and it continues to change it. There are good chances to change also yours. The open realm is a good solution to crisis situations. Whether you are in need to solve some of your financial issues or to find affordable qualitative solutions to your problems, going out there in the open offers you some valuable keys and answers.

If you are intelligent enough to realize that your ideas do not really exist until you get them out of the drawer, chances multiply for you once you step into the open.

As a company leader, if you are intelligent enough to realize that there is much more knowledge around your company than in your company, chances to maintain and expand your competitive advantage grow exponentially.

There are pro and cons, of course, but there are more pro than cons.

A few leads to solve problems, make slogans and design visuals for money and reputation:

…and the Better Wage website that aims to gather all such opportunities in one place

You are welcome to add more! Global platforms, regional or national platforms. We’d love to explore all of them.

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We Are Solvers


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