a look inside the lives of modern innovators

We Are Solvers  is a video series of virtual meetings on set with uniquely prepared minds and silently influencers of our today’s world.

To have an idea about what winning solvers community means, we can have a look at the leading platform in this zone or at least the most articulated and well defined one, Innocentive. They say that their ‘pool’ of solvers is more than 200,000 creative professionals coming from all corners of the world. Their 7 years old list with award winning problem solvers has about 1,000 profiles/names (a few appear more than once as they have multiple solutions awarded). This means that the winners community is about 1%. 

The production gathers solvers from all over the world coming from a variety of industries and business levels: innovators, researchers, scientists, professors, students, entrepreneurs, writers, etc. On short, a unique community of highly creative and competitive professionals.

The purpose of this video/audio document is to bring the community of open innovation award winning problem solvers and their messages to the attention of worldwide influencers in order to inspire further and to take problem solving and innovation to the next level together. 


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