low cost online video for small business owners

Low cost video marketing for small business owners, blogs and independents.

Low cost video marketing for small businesses or “do-it-yourself” business owners is a very good way to package and repackage your content in order to answer to the online marketing challenge.

As a small business owner you have limited or no budgets for marketing and advertising, so everything is at the hand of your skills and imagination, of your overall attitude.

As you already know video content can push your business forward faster than any type of content, but although it requires skills to do it.

You can use the video making approach to produce filmed materials with interviews, speeches and product presentations, but you can use it also for sending short messages to your target audiences, to repackage part of your latest article in a more visual and appealing way.

Creative entrepreneurs stepped in to address this challenge and they build websites with video templates. All you have to do is just edit the text and your business presentation video is on and ready. For a very reasonable price you can download as many video templates as you wish.

The open era allows us to use each other skills and talents to grow together. Isn’t that something?!

This kind of service got me out of trouble and saved me a lot of money when I gathered a very low-budget for producing a web video series. Besides paying the operator for the technology he brought it and for his service, I also had to teach myself video-editing and to find a way to produce some nice and good enough jingles, intros and promos for introducing the web series, for linking the materials, for putting together the teaser, for presenting my video production service, and so on.

The only limitation lies in the intellectual property rights as we enter the creations realm. If you use these kind of services in non-commercial ways, they are way cheaper. If you use them for profit, then the price goes up, but it is still good and much less than paying a specialized service on the market.

Two of the services that I liked in video making online and very good also for the video marketing part were flixpress and vipid. I used both for different materials.

Watch the video promo I did with vipid for my production service.


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