win a slogan contest and pay your bills

Win a slogan contest and pay your bills. Or at least start having some fun and exercise your passions.

If you are one of those creative people who seldom like advertising agencies’ slogans and taglines and feel that creative industry suffers from a profound inspiration crisis, the venue of crowdsourcing allows you nowadays to take it personally and turn things around.

Slogans, loglines and taglines are the shortest and the most difficult things to write. Advertising and branding agencies charge clients a fortune to design the most suitable strategy, to find the right words and then to make them fall together. It’s normal to be this way, but only if they deliver value, while in most of the cases this seldom happens nowadays.

This is one of the reasons small, medium si big organizations started to appeal to crowdsourcing marketplace in order to find more legitimate and better solutions for their branding challenges. And also low cost ones!

The slogan is the nano story of someone else’s business. In this area of creation, literature is not an option. Killing all your darlings is the way out. Less is everything.

Whether it’s a service, a product, a promotion or an event that needs the right approach and words to dance around it in such a way to boost the client’s sales and strenghten their loialty to the seeking organization, inspiration is the challenge in this process.

One of the good things about crowdsourcing is that it allows you to win cash awards for the things you love the most, by exercising your passions.

I know a few long standing websites in the area of slogan contests that regularly launch slogan competitions where seekers award the winners with money prizes that range from 50 USD to 1,000 USD. The average cash award goes around 150-200 USD. The transfers happen quickly through PayPal or other fin-tech platform, or directly into your account through wire transfer.

I also participate in these contests from time to time in order to shape my skills, to inspire and get inspiration, to learn and to keep myself on the wave. I also have a few friends who won a few times.

You won’t get rich (at least not instantly!), but you keep yourself in good shape, build your portfolio and market reputation while also making some cash on they way for your monthly bills and boost your revenues. At some point, if this is what you love the most, you may end up making this passion pay for your living. It’s a entertainy way to push your wage to the next level.

You can start your catchy slogan writing journey by checking out Slogan Slingers and Get a Slogan. I strongly advise you to keep searching for more similar platforms and throw the dice as often as you can.

From my own creation process on the venue of crowdsourcing, I can tell you that at some point you may be feel squeezed. Don’t panic, it’s a normal phase, the creative part of your brain started to move and as it’s not so exercised, it has its own mechanisms and rotations. Once you get over it, you’ll realize you changed a lot, your life changed a lot and you became more creative and productive than ever. The more you play, the more you win and the better you become. Don’t let failure and rejection stand in your way!

From a trivia perspective, see below some of my proposals for various seekers who has specific requests:

1) Seeker: Better Wage (Better Wage is source-to-share kind of website. It sources crowdsourcing platforms from a variety of industries and put them together in order for people to boost their revenues)

My slogan proposal: Better ways for better days.

2) Seeker: Buckhead Beans (Buckhead Beans delivers fresh, locally sourced, artisan coffees and organic teas to offices in the Atlanta area)

My slogan proposal: Coffee with a stake. To stay awake!

3) Seeker:  Kind Health Solutions (Based in Santa Monica, USA, Kind Health Solutions provides carefully selected home health products from the world’s top manufacturers at discount prices. This particular contest was looking for a slogan dedicated to special medical devices focused on people with dissabilities)

My slogan proposals:
Finding ways for better days
Light your ride
Buy to fly

4) Seeker: Parklane Mattresses (Premium Mattresses manufacturer based in Northwest USA, Oregon)

My slogan proposals:
We take your mattress personally.
The only place to pursue your dreams. We got your back.

5) Seeker: System Pavers (The Leaders in Outdoor Living, headquarter based in Santa Ana, California, USA). Looking for a promotion campaign.

My slogan proposals:
Sell your oldie for a goldie. We pave your way to the doorway.
We buy driveways that get in your way.


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