follow your flow. your life can change.

Most of the times, life is made of algorithms. Miracles happen to those who invest in their premises.

If you work 10 hours a day for a salary, but you are burned out and far from happy, you already know that you need to do something more, or at least different.

Walking on the same pathway day after day makes it 100% sure you won’t get to different or better places. You can pray, you can do thousands of meditation hours and you can watch or read tones of inspirational videos and books, that 100 fat percent remains intact.

You either work less (if it’s possible or if it doesn’t affect your base/quality of life) or you either start investing extra time in the things you really want to do, at least for a while until you begin to reverse inertia. So, you need an extra-effort, or being more honest on this one, you need to work your ass off.

Jumping abruptly from your steady job to working on your passions it is not something I would not recommend, simply because life gets tougher every day and you need a base to make your dreams work.

Taking the “leap of faith” is an art on its own, you need to choose wisely the time and context to do it to avoid falling into the abyss. Life outside the circle is pretty rough and few resist out there without losing their minds from stress, depression and anxiety. It’s simply not for everyone.

During my worst times I was afraid I would die without being or doing something significant first.

Everything I’ve worked for dissolved in one moment and all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of nothingness trying to answer one question: what should I do? how? how will I ever get out of here? is it even possible?

At that time I still had left a dead laptop and an internet connection. So, I started looking. Looking for anything that can use my knowledge and capabilities in exchange for money, reputation and opportunities. I didn’t need anything, I needed something smart, something holding the potential to take me somewhere better.

I found open innovation market and crowdsourcing, notions more common today, but science fiction eight years ago. There you could solve problems and get paid for it, if your solution was the most convincing one.

Win to live another day.

This was my slogan for many years until I managed to rise above my circumstances. I wrote about those times and my techniques in my Rise Above The Crowd book.

In this realm, I met an absolutely interesting community of people, of problem solvers. People who found that place led by one reason or another, people who all had in common one thing: they were all following their inner flow. A desire to reach them out and talk to them led me to produce a series of extensive interviews I uploaded on a website called We Are Solvers.

Here it is a flash of it:

Follow your flow. Your life can change. Do it in a smart way.

No matter how rough it is, don’t settle for less. You don’t know how much time you have or if this is your last chance to rise above whatever you are facing. Make it the best. Make it significant.


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