Connecting intelligence and innovations.

Engaged in helping start-ups, new business and small business owners to sharp their precision and to overcome their challenges faster and better in the quest for success.

As a small or “do-it-yourself” business owner in the beginnings, and then as a freelancer who had to always walk on new paths in order to win my living and live above adversities, stress and shortcomings, the biggest constant challenge I faced was to find specific solutions to my specific problems in real time or faster, at least.

My problems were always solvable, theoretically. But at the level of facts, the problem was now and here and the solutions were always tomorrow or somewhere I couldn’t reach. Holding on in the mids of these voids and gaps was the hardest thing to do.

The internet is a “hungry monster” and the world is full with feeders in the quest for popularity and success. Though, there are very few places where you can also find valuable information and concrete solutions, answers, leads and inspiration to overcome your challenges now – when they happen, when you need the most.

As a self-motivator and self-healer, in my most difficult times, what I needed the most was information. Precise and direct information powerful enough to push me further.

During my rough times I didn’t need theories and speeches, “read the guide” type of advice, therapy or other long-term processes. I needed ways out. Fast ways out. Solutions to my crisis or to my borderline situations. Leads and patterns for success that I could related with and that could help me build the exit doors I needed for a way out.

During a decade of living based only on the information I could find, I gathered valuable knowledge about how to sharp precision in problem solving and a rich collection of leads to opportunity websites, communities and ideas.

Because I love finding and connecting dots and bounding with people alike, I decided to start intelconnector, a tool that aims to make intelligence matter. Or put it otherwise, to turn intelligence into matter.

Feel welcome to contribute and to share your knowledge in precise ways.

If you are interested in engaging top notch solvers into your projects, you can check my latest video project We Are Solvers – an exploration into the awarded solutions and lives of open innovation winning problem solvers.