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Life is like a Rubik cube with endless facets.

More than therapy, meditation and other spiritual things, we need precision to navigate in this more and more complex and challenging world. For intelligent individuals, precision is the result of clarity, lack of hesitation and knowledge. For the others, precision is the result of the self confidence born from ignoration. For clarity we need guidance in many occasions to save time and vitality, to reduce the intensity of our struggle. The lack of hesitation mean determination and that is your personal daily choice.

I spent my entire life trying to live above my broken selves and to turn trauma and arrogance into excellence. Silently it turned from struggle into a reflex by daily exercise, by never stop searching and learning. Unexpectedly, it also turned into my own self-healing tools.

There is no second life in this life and no parallel better worlds and systems we can escape from here. There is only one plan with endless dimensions and we have to make it work by becoming better and better navigators.

The more dots we find and connect, the closer we get to the ways out, to our selves and to our dreams.

In life we get only what we can. If we want more, we have to be able and ready for more, to multiply our knowledge, skills, dots, givings and connections. We have to become sharper and sharper. It’s fundamental if you think about it.

Change doesn’t necessarily mean to give up on something or to substitute something with something else. Most of the times it only means upgrading, continuing. Changing should be natural as it is all about adapting, it shouldn’t be a hard process to overcome, a such an extreme, painful and ultimate way out.

It is much easier to adapt yourself to an existing system, master it and then conquer it than to fight against the entire world to make it fit to your existing needs in order to live a better and happier life.

The main reason on why so many people fail in their endevours and struggles is because they want to fit the world into their world. Too many don’t really know and understand the world’s mechanisms, at some point they gave up learning, searching and researching. At some point their world became the world.

Change should be the first option, not the last choice when there’s nothing else left to do.

Think about it.